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Bad is the journalist, who doesn’t dream of writing a novel. Bad is the studio that does not dream of winning the Oscar !! Well … It means that we are good ones, since a small Oscar is now present in the arsenal of the Moldovan animation studio Simpals!

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Indian victory dance :)

You think that we are just fooling and giggling here? No way. We also hold the Moldovan flag for Moldova on serious festivals. The Cartoon by the animation studio Simpals “Dji. Death Sails” went to India to conquer the heights of the local animation festivals and won!!
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One more million!

Today we have got good news and very good news for you.


Here comes the good news. Our animated film, released in December 2014, “Dji. Death Sails” managed to get more than 1000000 (six zeros, don’t bother counting :)) views on YouTube in just two and a half months!!

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