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Monthly Archives: July 2008

The final image of Gojo

After the approval of the sketch, the character gets to the sculptor (see previous post) and the artist. The artist colors the character in a graphic editor, adds details and creates the final image. This final image is signed by the director and art director, and later becomes basic for the visualizer. Continue reading

Birth of hero

After hard and long battles between painters-stage manager and producer was born our gypsy, Gojo.

A lot of time was necessary to understand what streak of the character is more important to communicate in the appearance. Continue reading

We launched the blog

We launched the blog of the project.
And not a simple blog, it is a direction about how o make a 3D cartoon.
So don’t be surprised that some things are described so detailed. This is done for those who are dealing with 3D production for the first time. Continue reading