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Our Day Has Come!

Today, October 28th we celebrate International Animation Day! Our congratulations to all animators! In the meantime, we’re preparing the holiday salute made of paints, salad, champagne and computers! Let’s have a real good time! =)
A brief history of the holiday:

On October 28th, 1892, a French inventor Emile Reynaud made the first public performance of animation in Paris, using his own invention «optical theater». Reynaud demonstrated his device called Praxinoscope which projected moving images onto a screen.
During International Animation Day animators and different cultural institutions organize screenings of animated films for the grateful audience that has been waiting for this event all year long. Now these screenings are held in 104 countries of the world!
And these are our animators, the people who created the animated film “Dji. Death Fails”. Meet the animation studio Simpals!

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