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Indian victory dance :)

You think that we are just fooling and giggling here? No way. We also hold the Moldovan flag for Moldova on serious festivals. The Cartoon by the animation studio Simpals “Dji. Death Sails” went to India to conquer the heights of the local animation festivals and won!!

On June 14 this year at the festival Bangalore Short Films Festival of India (http://miniboxoffice.com/bangaloreshortsfilmfestival/), our cartoon won the Special Mention!! Isn’t it great?!! This is the Honorary Diploma, which arrived to Moldova only a few days ago.

индия фест

And one more thing. Yes, there is a continuation. On August 30, the Moldovan animated film “Dji. Death Sails” became the winner in the independent professional category at another Indian festival TASI Viewer’s Choice Awards (http://tasionline.org/). The title of the winner is accompanied by: a statuette, a diploma, a lifetime membership in the festival TASI (!!!), 1TB Hard Disk, 10th Year Commemorative book, T-shirt (for the entire studio, I guess), a cap, a mug, earphones and a set of tools for modeling. We are anxiousy waiting for the entire list.

PS: Go Moldova!! Long live animation!!

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