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A band of the gypsies are walking along Basarabia. Unexpectedly the horse of the main character dies, and he has to buckle down to the covered wagon were his family is because he has to follow the entire band. He is carrying the covered wagon all around the hills, it is really hot in spite of all obstacles.
During night’s lodging, after an exhausting day, the tired gypsy is hearing from the oak wood neighing of a horse and decides to steel the horse.
What happened after- we won’t tell you for a while.

Characters in the play

Gojo Gypsy. 37 years old. Blacksmith and tinsmith by profession. As thin as a rake. Dressed traditional. In a good physical form, but he doesn’t part with his pipe. Poor. Can play the guitar. Loves horses. This is his only joy. He understands them without words, he can salve, with what is well known around neighborhood. The skills of doctor he god from his dad. It is a pity but this business doesn’t bring a lot of money, that is why he is working as a blacksmith as well.
He is poor. Head of the family.Ocupies the middle hierarchical stage in the band.
Personality: Optimist. Reckless schemes inclined. Generous.  Slogger. Alone, practically doesn’t have friends.
He likes: family, horses, freedom, pipe, to play the guitar.
Doesn’t like: meanness, foolishness, frogs (nobody doesn’t know why), winter.
Zara, wife. Beautiful gypsy, 30 years old, pregnant. Within reasonable limits peevish, think that our main character ruined her life. Nevertheless she loves him.
Grandfather Baro, ggypsies dad. Old man, 60 years old. He is always sleeping and smoking extinct pipe. Big hat and off sized boots. He is moving with the help of the relatives, particularly Tagar.
Son Tagar. 2 years old. Naked. Always near the grandfather. He tries to look after him, dreams to become a musician.
Turkey Ilo. Spieler. Although Gojo doesn’t observe him, he is always near him, because he doesn’t trust the rest members of the family. He is the symbol of luck of the family.